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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Recently I visited Columbia Tennessee for an historical event which saw a large gathering of people. We were there to commemorate something from the past, to think about things from long ago, to remember. The organization sponsoring the event is one of many such groups with similar goals. As I said in the introduction of my book. ‘War in the Mountains’: “All of these institutions believe we should preserve the past, that the lives of our forebears deserve to be remembered, and that what they did and who they were is a part of us.” This was the reason for four years of research and writing: to remember the soldiers.

This past weekend I was in western North Carolina, attending the Asheville Gun & Knife Show where I had a table promoting and selling the book. History of the Civil War is a niche market, and while I have limited sales, many purchasers in Asheville are passionate on the subject. Taking part in the gun show for two days was well worth the time, meeting people excited to buy the book and others who got it at previous shows, telling me they learned something new reading it. Asheville is a special place I hope to return to for future shows.

I just learned that Blueink Reviews gave the book a “Notable Book Seal”, their top rating. Soon purchasers of “War in the Mountains” will see the special seal imprinted on the book cover.

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